Catalina Island Half Marathon/10K Training Program


2019 Catalina Island Half Marathon/10K Training Program

Let’s Train Together!  Choose your training location:  San Diego, CA or Santa Barbara, CA

Join us for an epic 10 Week Training journey in preparation for the one-of-a-kind 2019 Catalina Half Marathon or 10K.  Connect with like-minded runners of all abilities and learn how fun it is to train together on local trails with new friends who will quickly become like your new family.  The Motivation Factor is off the charts when it comes to group training and the destination is calling you!  Can you hear it?  Catalina Island is a location like no other and the views on this course will blow your mind!

Who Will Benefit from this Training program?

  • Athletes (runners and walkers) of every level looking for community in training and hanging out with like-minded friends
  • If you have specific performance goals, you’ll benefit too!  No one pushes you like the person hanging on your shoulder!
  • Is this your first half marathon or 10K?  Perfect, this is the program for you!  We’ll get you prepared to go the distance!
  • Have you found it hard to motivate yourself to get out the door and start!  We’ll get you motivated!  You’ll be looking forward to every fun run!
  • If you want to train smart and find the best road map to your fitness, come and join us!
  • Ready for a new challenge?  Ever done an off-road half marathon?  This one has over 2000 feet of elevation gain on an off-road course!!!
  • Every level of athlete will benefit and the program will accommodate current fitness levels and race goals.

The Catalina event offers both a Half Marathon distance (13.1 miles) and a 10K distance (6.2 miles) – You choose which you’ll do!

Here’s What You Get:

  • 10 Weeks of structured training which includes 1-2 coached group runs per week
  • Semi-individual daily training plan so you’ll know how to train between group workouts (beginner, intermediate and advanced plans are provided)
  • Race planning, Catalina Trip planning, and full race day support
  • Trail running focused training so you’ll get used to race conditions – it just doesn’t get any better than this!  Our local San Diego and Santa Barbara trails our the best!!
  • Principle Based TWM (The Wellness Movement™) Nutrition Packet – we need to eat right to fuel our training!!
  • (Optional) rabbit brand training/racing Tank
  • Ongoing email support from the coaching staff to answer questions and offer advice along the way
  • The Intangibles – This is why we really do this!!!  It’s for the group camaraderie, drinking in the momentum that comes from an organized training experience, the development of friendships and training buddies that often last a lifetime, a sense of accomplishment, all of the physical and mental benefits that come from this level of training!

Program Start Date: Sunday, September 15th

Catalina Island Half Marathon/10K Race Day: Saturday, November 16th

About the Race

The Catalina Island Half Marathon and 10K – It’s the Hardest Race You’ll Ever Love!!!  We love it already!  The generous race director, Spectrum Sports,  has been so welcoming and is looking forward to The Wellness Movement Groups coming to race at their amazing venue.  Experience the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the island’s wildlife.  Come run some of the most beautiful, rugged and breathtaking trails you will ever experience!  Don’t be scared!  It’s perfect for you!

Half Marathon Course

This beautiful trail half marathon course starts in the city of Avalon and quickly climbs to over 1600 feet in elevation. We will enjoy the expansive Catalina Island Conservancy Nature Preserve with its spectacular vistas while having a ton of fun on the natural dirt terrain. We’ll also have the special thrill of knowing we’re in bison territory—the Conservancy manages a free-ranging herd of 150 of the majestic animals.

10k Course

The 10K will begin in the middle of Avalon and then runs through city streets, up and down hills, reaches the outskirts of the city before heading to over 2.5 miles of trails just above the city landscape.  I travels around Avalon’s most famous landmark: the Casino building, by the Wrigley’s house, with a turn around at the Wrigley Memorial and Gardens, and then onto horse trails, past the golf course and back into town – finishing by the fountain, the landmark of downtown Avalon.

Catalina Island Half Marathon/10K – Race Day Saturday, November 16th

Program Begins Sunday, September 15th

Make Sure and Choose YOUR Location below!

Santa Barbara Coach - Cindy Abrami

Santa Barbara Coach - Cindy Abrami


Cindy Abrami, NASM-CPT/CES, AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor, Elite Master Runner, Coach, Nutritionist

It’s Cindy’s passion and conviction to help others meet their performance and health goals in an effective, life-changing way!  A healthy lifestyle is fundamental and with proper support and inspiration, anything is possible!  She is an elite masters runner, and multi-sport athlete (2018 and 2019 ITU Sprint Duathlon World Champion), a nutritionist, group fitness instructor, indoor cycling instructor and certified personal trainer and her biggest passion is to get all types of people outside doing healthy things together, helping them build relationships that matter and last a lifetime.  Support, connection, purpose!

Follow her on Instagram: @cindyabrami_twm

Santa Barbara Coach - Whitney Bruice

Santa Barbara Coach - Whitney Bruice


Whitney is originally from Berkeley, California, and grew up swimming competitively. At UC Santa Barbara, she played water polo for three years while earning a degree in Psychology and a Coaching Certification. She coached JV and recreational swim teams and competed in biathlons like Nite Moves for several years before getting into triathlons. She loves swimming, biking and running for fitness but also the healthy community that is built around it and the balance it brings to her life.  Whitney went to graduate school in Clinical Psychology, working in behavioral health, and became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in 2004. Currently she works as a counselor at Student Health at UC Santa Barbara. She got involved coaching triathlon and running groups with Moms in Motion starting in 2006. She is passionate about helping people reach goals by training them physically and providing motivation and support.

San Diego Coach - Kirsten Cooper

San Diego Coach - Kirsten Cooper


Kirsten absolutely loves getting people together for fitness and she’s known for being great at helping everyone feel welcome and connected.  She’s been leading group runs for more than 20 years.  It’s no wonder she is great at this group run thing since she’s a prolific runner herself.  She is a long time runner with 20 marathons under her belt including Boston, Chicago, LA, San Diego, NYC and Vancouver to name a few.  She’s also completed over 10 half marathons including a few of the local favorites Carlsbad and La Jolla, along with Las Vegas.   Kirsten is also an IronWoman!!  That’s right.  It’s not just about the RUN, she’s also excelled at the BIKE and SWIM as well.  She did Ironman Arizona in 2010.  Kirsten brings a ton of fitness knowledge and experience to her programs as she has also been a Personal Trainer/Bootcamp instructor for over 15 years.

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