Running and Multisport Coaching Services

By John and Cindy Abrami

Running and Multisport Coaching Services

Cindy Abrami – UESCA Certified Running Coach, PT, CES, HMS, Running Technique Specialist
John Abrami – UESCA Certified Triathlon Coach and Professional Swim Coach

Become a Fitter, Faster Version of Yourself!

Boost your fitness!  Stay Injury Free!  Achieve Your Goals!

Team up with The Wellness Movement Coaching Duo John and Cindy Abrami.  We offer comprehensive, individualized coaching that is athlete-centered, science and evidence based, and designed to make you a better athlete while preventing injuries.

Cindy began her running career over 40 years ago, at the young age of nine.  She has been a lifelong runner and continues to compete as an elite master runner, triathlete and duathlete.  She is the 2018 and 2019 ITU Sprint Duathlon World Champion (50-54).  She loves working with athletes in a one-on-one coaching relationship, helping them to improve, train smarter and achieve their goals.  Her experience, drive and passion is an ideal coaching atmosphere and her heart is to see others excel as runners and multisport athletes no matter their level or ambition.  She is a UESCA Certified Running Coach, NASM certified personal trainer with a Corrective Exercise Specialization and is certified through the Brookbush Institute as a Human Movement Specialist.  She is also a group fitness instructor,  and is certified as an Indoor Cycling instructor.  Cindy also holds a BS in Nutrition and is a certified nutrition coach.

John, known as Coach AB, has been a life-long competitive athlete, starting out as a competitive swimmer and runner and now also competes as a multisport athlete.  He’s been a professional age group and Masters swim coach for over 40 years and is the Head Coach of Santa Barbara Masters Swimming.  John is a UESCA certified Triathlon coach and spends a lot of time encouraging athletes to try new things.  He has helped build a robust swim and multisport culture in his community.


Individualized Coaching Overview (Running and Multisport)

Customized arrangements are available!  Connect with me if you would like to consider additional weekly in-person training sessions in your training program!

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Janelle H.

Mom and Wife


Cindy is the BEST trainer and coach I have ever worked with!!! I started her fit club with the intention to just shred some weight for the upcoming summer season, but I got sooooo much more than just shedding a few pounds. Her organization, dedication and motivation is like no other. I have not only lost weight, but I have gotten stronger and healthier. Cindy has taught me about proper exercise, nutrition, self motivation and self love- You don't get this with your average trainer. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone out there looking to make a change for the better.

Liz B.



I took a 6 week fitness program from Cindy that included a variety of weight training, core work, high interval intensity training, and running. It was just what I needed to round out my swimming regimen. Her workouts were very effective and challenging, yet able to be modified to an individual’s ability. Cindy herself is inspiring and supportive - not in a sergeant’s barking boot camp manner but not in a coddling manner either. She has the right blend for leading workouts. She varies the workouts so they don’t become rote. I will definitely continue to use her expertise. She has made it so that we can continue the workouts on our own- which I have- but I look forward to doing more with her group.

Michael A.



Just finished the 6 week strength training. Cindy provided excellent guidance, training, and fitness challenges. She paid particular attention to my injury and helped me adapt the workouts to my level of ability - that was beyond cool! I worked out hard, had a ton of fun and laughs, and enjoyed being part of a group. I encourage anyone to try her program!

Pauline D.

Mom and Wife


Cindy is a super amazing coach! Not only is she one badass athlete, she’s also smart, caring and a beautiful person inside & out. I’m currently in her 10-week Half Marathon training program. She writes a weekly plan specifically for me. She’s always there to guide me & to answer any questions I might have through each workout either in person or in writing. She takes the time to write supportive and encouraging comments to me everyday. I appreciate Cindy so much!!!

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