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Cindy is a Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and holds a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition.  She utilizes a world-class online based curriculum to coach clients through their transformational journey.  Supported by daily habits, lessons and assignments, the ProCoach curriculum delivers research-proven, and client tested (over 100,000 clients) lifestyle coaching.  If you’re ready to change, this is the answer to finally achieve and keep the results you desire and need.

More About How the Program Works

Our Nutrition Focused Gold Program is a One Year Program to achieve full and sustainable diet and lifestyle transformation.  Via a fully online based coaching curriculum, clients receive daily assignments, lessons and habits to work on.  Each one is specifically important to the overall goal.  It’s kept simple and straight forward and each change builds upon itself for consistent forward motion.  My hands on coaching is weaved throughout the curriculum and I remain available for questions, feedback, encouragement, support, guidance.  There is also the all important monthly one-on-one meeting held on skype, phone or in person.

The One Year Program is broken down into two week segments, working on a specific habit in each two week block.  A short daily lesson is provided to help build appropriate habits with important, up-to-date, science-based information supporting the overall goal.  Don’t worry!  These are short lessons that you can read through or listen to via an audio recording.  Quick, simple but so motivating and right at your finger tips.

We include monthly progress checks and as clients progress through and master important habits, they also build their own “owner’s manual” of self-information.  We provide a simple way (full instructions provided) to take progress tracking photos which remain in the client’s portal.

The coaching curriculum makes it easy for clients to receive and complete daily tasks and review previous days.  As a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Cindy is fully involved with your journey and is your partner, guide and biggest supporter and is directly accessible within the curriculum.

Here is an example of what clients see on their Today Page.  The “Today Page” is like Mission Control and indicates the plan for the day.  It couldn’t be more simple while at the same time being so effective!  Clients read (or listen to) the lesson and jump into the new habit!  Then simply mark it complete for the day.  Yes, the ultimate plan is to effectively perform the habit and that is why this program works so well.

A Little More About the Habits

As mentioned above, the 12 month Program is broken down into 2-week segments, each of which focuses on a specific habit.  As there’ve been over 100,000 clients through this program, it is set up fully on outcome based information.  The order of habits creates a firm foundation for bigger changes to come and with two weeks devoted to each change, supported by daily information and assignements, the changes make sense become real.

  • Habits are small achievable tasks performed every day
  • Habits are sequential and build onto one another
  • Habits are in a particular order for a reason
  • Most habits offer a Level 1 and Level 2 option (depending on how deep into it a client wants to dive)


Why the Precision Nutrition Coaching Curriculum Works So Well and Why It Will Work for You

PN Coaching isn’t about rules, deprivation or making folks feel bad.  And it isn’t another diet plan.

It’s about:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Guidance
  • Support
  • And Freedom to choose your own path

This is a different, better and more fulfilling way to improve your body and live a good and healthy life.  Eating, moving and living healthy should be an extension of who you are.  Making meaningful healthy changes should bring you joy and needs to play nicely with everything else in your world.

Above all, it should be simple, do-able, realistic and manageable for everyone.  It’s not about making you feel bad or lazy or to take something away from you.  It’s not about giving you a bunch of rules to follow.  Instead we help you to embrace the best YOU and add healthy, positive practices to your life.  And it’s one day at a time; one small step at a time.

What You Get with this Program:

  • A simple, clear, step-by-step program that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Daily check-ins, learning, and accountability
  • An online program that lets you join us wherever and however you want.  Miss a day or two because of work, school or other demands?  No problem.  Not at your computer?  Download our lesson podcasts.  Are you in Australia, Denmark, Los Angeles, New York City?  That’s cool – drop in whenever you can.  You do this on your schedule.
  • Small, do-able, essential habits that build over time, helping you integrate healthy behaviors smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Care, support and expert guidance from your PN Certified Coach, Cindy Abrami
  • A program based on scientific research and experiences of 100,000 other folks
  • A whole year of self-discovery, personal growth and time tested habits that will slowly create a healthier, fitter, more joyful body and life than you ever thought possible.
  • You’re not alone!  Cindy is here with you!  Every step of the way!  Check out this great video below!

ProCoach promotional video from Precision Nutrition on Vimeo.

Start Today!  It Couldn’t be Easier!

Invest in yourself and your health.  Pricing options and registration are listed below.  Choose to pay in full and receive two months free!  Or choose the low monthly fee (payments are spread over 12 months).  Once registered, you’ll be set up with the Precision Nutrition ProCoach system and will receive instructions to set up your login!  And you’ll be off and running immediately!  If you have questions and would like to meet (by phone, skype or in-person), use the link below to set up a free goal setting session or email me directly at

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

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Two Payment Options to Choose From!

Nutrition Focus Gold Program

12 Monthly Payments
    • 12 Month Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching (daily habits, lessons and assignments) – Powered by Precision Nutrition ProCoach
    • Ongoing hands-on coaching throughout the program including email support and entrance into the Facebook support group
    • Once per month one-on-one meeting

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