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Nutrition for Athletic Peak Performance

A 12 Week Program to Set You Up for Success


Peak performance is not just about training.  To be the best competitor and athlete you can be, proper individualized nutrition is key.

As an athlete in training and competition, you’re dedicated and hard-working.  You’re seeking to improve performance, get better, strong, and faster.  You want to do everything in your power to be the best athlete you can be.  So let’s not leave out one of the most important performance builders in your arsenal – your diet.

How is your diet IQ?  What you know about nutrition is important.

But here’s another question.  How well do you actually eat?  Knowing about nutrition and actually implementing sound, proper nutrition principles are two entirely different things.  Additionally, many athletes over-estimate how well they actually eat and/or are inconsistent with their eating habits.

And here’s yet another question.  How tuned in are you to the food you eat and it’s direct effect on your body?  The ultimate key to implementing a great performance diet is to understand your own body and manage your own food choices.  While there are many proven nutrition principles that generally apply to everyone, the most important thing to understand and master is fine-tuning your diet specifically for you.  There is so much about food and nutrition that is simply not applicable to everyone.  There is no “one-diet-fits-all” and so much of the circulating information still tries to stuff everyone into one big lump and say “this is how everyone should eat.”  Let’s not fall into that pit.  You are genetically different from anyone else.  You are metabolically different.  Your environment is specific to you.  Your training load doesn’t match what others do.  You have your own Rock Star foods and your own list of foods you might want to avoid.

Final questions.  How about you?  Are you ready to really dial in YOUR ideal optimal performance diet?

Who Will Benefit from this Nutrition program?

  • Athletes looking to perform at their optimum level
  • Athletes who understand they need to “eat to win”
  • Athletes looking to improve their body composition for ideal athletic performance
  • Athletes looking for a natural competitive edge
  • Athletes who want to feel empowered by their training rather than depleted by it
  • Athletes who want to understand proper recovery
  • Athletes who want real and simple eating strategies that work for their lifestyle and are realistic and sustainable

 How you eat can and will make or break you.  Make SURE you back up your hard training with proper nutrition that is specifically YOUR ideal diet (not someone else’s ideal diet).

 Nutrition for Athletic Peak Performance is a 12 Week Program, completely Online

 Your Instructor and Nutrition Coach:

  • Cindy Abrami, BS in Nutrition/Certified PN Nutrition Coach, NASM-CPT/CES, AFAA Certified Group Instructor, Elite Masters Runner/Duathlete and coach

From this program you will:

  • Understand your relationship with food and eating patterns so you can make realistic changes that make sense for you
  • Learn about common pitfalls athletes deal with and how to avoid them
  • Develop an intimate understanding of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) and how to improve your diet to set you up for optimal performance and ideal body weight and composition
  • Develop 8 essential habits that will create a consistent pattern of nutritional improvement and help you achieve and maintain your ideal competitive body
  • Learn how to eat nutrient dense foods and exceed minimum requirements for all essential nutrients so you never have to run on empty
  • Clean up your diet and maximize whole food nutrition
  • Learn how to properly journal for fine-tuning your performance diet so that you eat exactly what you need
  • Take on a few challenges along the way such as The Kitchen Makeover
  • Become a meal planning Ninja
  • Learn strategic Pre- and Post- Workout Nutrition
  • (for the female athlete) learn how to work with your female physiology nutritionally
  • PLUS, receive tons of useful and practical resources!

An Inside Look at how the program works:

This program provides you the Plan (information) and the Implementation (actual change, putting information into practical, meaningful action)

The program is delivered to you weekly – Every Sunday and Friday for 12 Weeks.  Your Sunday Email includes a short, concise video covering the Lesson for the Week, along with a short written lesson (usually 5-10 minutes of reading).  You are provided an “assignment” for the week which includes 1 or more diet related habits for you to begin implementing.  Your Friday Email provides a short Questionnaire Journal designed to help you understand yourself, your food and your goals.  This is an important piece of the program.

Take advantage of full-support through the associated closed Facebook group where you will have direct support from Coach Cindy and the chance to meet other athletes who are on the same journey. You can ask, share and comment.  Coach Cindy is also always available through email (for those who don’t use Facebook and/or who have questions/comments they would prefer to share privately).

Knowing what you need to do to properly change your diet isn’t enough.  Most athletes will benefit from an actual plan of implementation and a program to help them understand how to understand themselves.

From one athlete to another, I invite you to come discover and implement your ideal Peak Performance Diet and take yourself to the next level in competition.

  • Program Start Date: (Introduction) Friday, January 18, 2019 and the first Lesson will be Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • The Program Runs for 12 Weeks

Limited Spots available.  This program will be capped at 50 Participants and registration will remain open until Friday, January 18, 2019 or until all spots are filled.

Nutrition for Athletic Peak Performance

January 18, 2019

Cindy Abrami

Cindy Abrami

Program Instructor and Nutrition Coach

Cindy Abrami, BS in Nutrition, NASM-CPT/CES, AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor, Elite Master Runner, Coach

It’s Cindy’s passion and conviction to help others meet their performance and health goals in an effective, life-changing way!  A healthy lifestyle is fundamental and with proper support and inspiration, anything is possible!  She is an elite masters runner, and multi-sport athlete (2018 ITU Sprint Duathlon World Champion), a nutritionist, group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer providing a variety of services to help you meet your health, fitness, performance goals.

Follow her on Instagram: @cindyabrami_twm

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