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It takes a village … it really does.


  • Trained, certified, educated, but most importantly, EXPERIENCED support to guide your transformation.
  • Whatever your goals and needs, we provide a variety of approaches to help you achieve them:  One-on-one coaching and fitness/personal training, group fitness opportunities, nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching.  It’s easy to know where you are and where you want to go, but the journey in-between is a hard road to travel alone.
  • An unbelievably simple way to make significant and lasting changes.  If it isn’t simple, it likely won’t stick.  There’s no point in getting bogged down in trends and fads.  In the end, it always comes back to “keep it simple”.

A Movement is coming, be a part of it!!.


  • To create a “Be Fit, Be Healthy” movement in the community!.
  • To inspire active lifestyles and help you meet your goals, whether they are performance goals, weight management goals, fitness goals, or healthy lifestyle adjustments.
  • The fight against chronic illness starts at the very foundation of lifestyle choice:  what we eat, our activity level, how we deal with internal and external stress.  As a team and as a community, we can create a movement of movement!

What are YOUR goals?  We help you create SMART goals and a simple plan to achieve them, along with that intangible quality called: Support and Accountability.


  • Athletes interested in performance or race/sport specific goals!
  • Those struggling to find time to exercise and struggle to find enjoyment in movement!
  • Those dealing with chronic illness and the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. It is never too late to take control!

Powered by passion, discipline and 40 years of competition and training, there’s no substitute for having the right person push you to new heights.


  • Owner, Cindy Abrami, realized early on that her family’s health history did not bode well for her.  Losing both parents to lifestyle related chronic illness while she was in her teens, she started on her path to secure a different future and learned quickly how to dedicate herself to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cindy has been a competitive athlete since the age of 9 and received a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition with the intent to contribute to a fitness and lifestyle movement to become healthier than the generations before us and push future generations to thrive and really understand what it means to live life to its fullest.
  • Cindy has worked in the field of nutrition at various levels and is a certified personal trainer, with additional group fitness certifications, and is an accomplished elite master runner, triathlete, and duathlete.

Results don’t come easy but they do come if you hold fast to your plan.  Success leads to more success, and soon habits become lifestyle.


  • We care!  Plain and simple, we want to make a difference, help, assist, come along-side!
  • In today’s world full of conveniences, we must become more intentional about our own lifestyle choices.
  • We can’t go it alone.  Our intention is to motivate, inspire, create enjoyment, fulfillment and success for everyone we touch.

Meet Cindy!

It’s Cindy’s passion and conviction to help others meet their health, fitness and nutritional goals in a simple, effective, life-changing way!  A healthy lifestyle is fundamental and with proper support and inspiration, anything is possible!  She is an elite masters runner, and multi-sport athlete, a nutritionist, group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer providing a variety of services to help you meet your health, fitness, performance goals.


Day One or One Day?

You Decide

Reach your goals!  Be inspired!  Be Motivated!

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